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Innovation in High Volume Printer Solutions

With the needs of our customers in mind, PSI has always developed forward thinking, innovative and high capacity laser printer solutions. PSI’s Production Laser Printer Systems are high performance machines, designed to print on small and large envelopes, card stock, glossy stock, labels and standard paper.

As a leader in the high-volume laser printer field, PSI is constantly improving product lines to meet the requirements of you, our customers. Whether you are a direct mailing house, government or education institution or an organization looking to bring your high-volume print jobs ‘in-house’, you will find the most efficient and versatile printing solutions at PSI.

PSI’s Laser Mail Series prints your high-volume print jobs, production style, onto difficult to print media. The resulting print quality is unmatched by the competition. Every production laser printer has a ‘load on the fly’ feeder allowing you to address high volumes of envelopes, postcards and documents with ease.

All of PSI’s envelope feeder and stackers have a capacity of 1000, saving you the time that would have been spent loading and unloading, towards more important tasks.

Color Laser Mail 7000

Breathing HD color, stunning detail and unmatched speed.
The Laser Mail 7000 prints variable data and images on envelopes, stationary, banners, post cards, glossy stocks, labels, standard paper and difficult stocks to ensure direct response fulfillment.

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Graphics RIP2 & Direct Print Technology

Bundling Graphic RIP2 with DirectPrint or Fiery C9 Server with Command Workstation means you have a robust and easy to use print package that can handle even the most intense production environments.

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Coverage & Costing Software

Our Coverage & Costing software gives estimators the ability to calculate the total cost of each print project.


Self Aligning Feeders

We offer the most robust and user-friendly feeders and stackers for digital envelope presses on the market. Our precision feeders and stackers are easy to operate, yielding greater production with less downtime.


DPT 2432

Produce high quality printed materials such as postcards, brochures, business cards and envelopes on a small budget and avoid outsourcing costs.

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