The Rapid Sort-N-Pak system is an eCommerce distribution solution designed to dramatically improve the speed of packaging your single and multi-item orders.

Rapid Sort-N-Pak increases throughput without adding more packing stations, resulting in reduced labor costs associated with fulfillment system bottlenecks.

When combined with PSI’s FICs control software, PSI’s Rapid Sort-N-Pak system identifies single and multi-item orders in the totes and aggregates them with related documents and collateral products. This system is specifically designed to reduce order sorting and fulfillment time in the packaging of orders.

The Sort-N-Pak is ideal for the apparel, jewelry, mobile, cosmetics and electronics industries because it significantly reduces labor costs and increases order throughput at the packing station.

    • Product sorting – Put-to-Light † order sortation
    • Automatic Packing Slip and Collateral Literature Inserting
    • Order Packaging with Ship label – Shipping label automatically
    • applied to bag/carton
    • Order Sorting by Courier
    • Up to 720 orders per hour running single item orders
    • Optional second sort station
    • Optional Automatic Image Capture and triggered by item for complete
    • Order Verification
    • Automatically:
      • Sorts by courier method and conveyed directly to shipping
      • Adds customer specific catalogs and personalized literature
      • Prints-on-Demand Personalized packing slip with/without return label
      • Prints and applies shipping label
      • 1,000-3,000 (7,600 SKUs) multi item orders in 8 hours:
      • Packages Single and multi-item orders – Direct to Customer
      • Standard system accommodates up to 20 order sort locations
      • Fully automatic or semi-automatic applications available
      • System requires only 1 – 3 operators – dependent on volume requirements
      • Bagging or other packaging options available
      • Full operational analysis including sort rate by person
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