Optimize Carton Size, Reduce Pick Time, Improve Same Day Delivery

The Rapid Order Start System is a fully configured pre-pick line for integrating automation in order fulfillment processing.

Customers have improved their order fulfillment output using the Rapid Order Start System with FIC (Fulfillment Integration Control Software.)  The versatility of the Rapid Order Start comes from scalable, interchangeable components that are programmable to fit a company’s specific needs.

The software works to identify, pre-sort and aggregate orders for streamlined picking. This includes pre-pick automatic application and insertion of packing slips, including marketing materials. This increases picking station throughput, and reduces labor costs associated with fulfillment and shipping bottlenecks

  • Reduces labor costs significantly, only part time operator required in most cases
  • Saves floor space in DC
  • Improves the flow of orders to shipment
  • Elimates the need for large amounts of premade boxes
  • Enhances repeat customer purchases with automated inclusion of marketing collateral with order
  • Seamlessly deploys workflows to minimize order picking congestion
  • Meets same day delivery goals
  • Improves order picking efficiency
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Autoslip at work

Rapid Order Start at work

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