Our customers have doubled their packing station throughput using Autoslip’s one step fold, insert and apply system. The Autoslip combines your shipping label in one transaction, with up to 10 A4 or letter size pages.

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The Rapid Sort-N-Pak system is an eCommerce distribution solution designed to dramatically improve the speed of packaging your single and multi-item orders.  The Sort-N-Pak is ideal for the apparel, jewelry, mobile, cosmetics and electronics industries because it significantly reduces labor costs and increases order throughput at the packing station.


LC In-Feeder

Why increase your warehouse space when you can increase your capacity and throughput with automated material handling equipment.  The 36” load capacity of our friction feeder offers packaging solutions for higher volumes of 
material to be intelligently fed into inline dispensing systems 
(boxes or totes) along your existing conveyor line. 



Drop-In Ready Order Start pack station line. A fully configured pre-pick line for integrating automation in order fulfillment processing. Our FIC (Fulfillment Integration & Control Software works together to identify, pre-sort and aggregate orders and applies a LPN to carton and conveys to the appropriate picking zones to improve order fulfillment at the start of the line.

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Our Rapid Flow Automated Pack Station Line is one of our larges systems we offer our customers. This technology dramatically streamlines installations and order fulfillment. The Rapid Flow is great for Direct-to-Customer shipments, mail orders and Internet Order Fulfillments.

Rapid EComm Bagging System

Easy to load In-Line Horizontal Bagger. On Demand bag size designed to accommodate products of all sizes. Our Bagger automatically adjusts size of bag to the size of the product(s).

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Order Verification Vision System

Sometimes your customer is right and it is possible an item in their order did not get shipped. Order Verficiation allows you to monitor order fulfillment and make corrections in real time. This information is critical to highlight performance issues or flaws in the fulfillment operation.


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