Ensure customers receive their full order when you use Order Verification.  You can now monitor your order fulfillment and make corrections in real time before items ship to your customers. This information can highlight performance issues or flaws that are critical to your operation fulfillment.

Add an additional level of inventory control and security:
The Order Verification System adds an additional layer of security for loss prevention in your distribution centre by deterring fraudulent order fulfillment activity.

Making customers aware their orders are tracked offers peace of mind:
Customers can rest easy knowing that your DC is running our Order Verification System, dramatically streamlining the claim process for identifying lost or missed orders.

Eliminates bottlenecks during quality checks:
Orders don’t have to be pulled off the conveyor for spot checks.

Pinpoints problem employees:
Identifies orders picked inaccurately that can result in higher product return rates.

  • Capture images from any integrated cameras, anywhere on the line, with trackable carton or order identification
  • Images can be auto-archived or deleted after predetermined period
  • Images are scalable for greater detail, printable or send via email direct to end user to provide order verification
  • Carton LPN barcode scanner or other means required for each camera
  • Client application module compatible with Windows, Apple or Linux
  • Includes local workstation with touch screen HMI and 250 GB of storage
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Full Tracking of your Orders with each Photo Identified by Camera Station

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