Why increase your warehouse space when you can increase your capacity and throughput with automated material handling equipment?  The 32” load capacity of our friction feeder offers packaging solutions for higher volumes of media to be fed from the inline dispensing system into boxes or totes along the conveyor line

Our LC – In Feeders offers a ‘Quick Adjustment Feature’ allowing you to introduce new materials and optimize labor efficiency. Operators can add new materials to the feed stack while running in-line, which allows for continuous operation of the automated order fulfillment line.

  • Universal Feeder – Feed High Volumes of just about anything flat including: Books, Cards, Magazines, Paper & Envelopes, CDs, DVDs, with one feeder
  • Feeder load capacity is extendable to 48″ (1.2 m) of product or up to 4000 sheets of paper
  • The LC In-Feeder 3000 gently handles and feeds all non-nesting products without jamming.
  • Extremely simple setup compared to standard friction feeders
  • Enables operators to simply load and walk away
  • Uninterrupted feeding; operator can add new material to feed stack
  • Longer run time between loading, allowing for three times the capacity of standard feeders
  • Feeds variable width and length for products up to one inch (2.54 cm) height capacity
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