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PSI Engineering primarily focuses on the last 100 feet of the order fulfillment line.  We recognize the impact this area of your distribution center has on performance metrics such as:


Reduce average cost per order by using automation technology. Processing orders faster by reducing labor for picking, packing and shipping.


Reduce the order error rate by ensuring products leave on time, reach the correct customer and contains the right items that will not trigger a return.

About PSI Engineering

For over 30 years PSI Engineering has been the technology leader in the manufacturing and integration of pack and sortation systems for high volume distribution centers who serve the business to consumer market.

PSI Systems increase throughput, improve order accuracy and reduce labor costs at the vital final 100 feet of operation prior to shipping. PSI provides cost effective order fulfillment solutions for the direct mail – “Direct to Consumer” retailer, manufacturing, e-commerce distribution, third party logistics companies (3PLs) and packaging/order fulfillment industries. Solutions range from automating the packing slip to full scale conveyor lines. These lines can include product sortation, check weighing, automated carton erecting and sealing as well as a variety of software solutions. In addition, we offer Image capturing tools for product verification, which supports CRM teams in case of customer disputes. As a manufacturer of specialized equipment, every installation is custom designed to meet every detail of our clients’ requirements. Our printing and feeding technology can be integrated with virtually any software package available. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to develop solutions for the most complex and challenging warehouse environments.


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Order fulfillment processes often involve a multi-functional approach. Therefore it stands to reason that the automation of these processes, especially when documents are involved, is dynamic and can be quite complex.

PSI provides lunch and learn opportunities to help sales agents, customers and integrators of our technology. We also participate in tradeshows and conferences. Please click on a show or event below to see more details.